Level up Guide for Popular Free Zombie Game on PC 2022 - How to Increase Your Battle Power in State of Survival

State of Survival Team 2022-09-16 09:20:38

First time to play State of Survival? Want to become a master of zombie game on PC? Here are some tips.

Chief Battle Power

In the zombie game on pc,click your commander portrait at the upper left corner and select “Chief Battle Power” to level up your heroes, restore your stamina and learn additional abilities.

zombie survival game 2022

Troops Battle Power

You can train and level up your troops in the Barracks to improve your Battle Power.

Building Battle Power

There are three kinds of buildings in the game: Economic, Military and Decorative. The decorative buildings serve to upgrade your economic and military buildings, and to improve the DEF of your Settlement and the Battle Power of your troops.

zombie survival game 2022

Tech Battle Power

When you unlock the “Research Lab”, you can use it to research “Development”, “Battle” and “Economic” trees to enhance your Settlement.

Gear Battle Power

You can match weapons for your heroes to defend the enemies.

Hero Power

You can improve your Hero Power by leveling up and enhancing abilities.

State of Survival is a free SLG game friendly to new game players. Enjoy this zombie games on PC.

zombie survival game 2022