Start Instruction of State of Survival - Zombie Survival Game in 2022

State of Survival Team 2022-11-01 09:20:38

State of Survival is one of the most popular zombie survival games in 2022. Players will act as the Commander who uses limited resources properly to upgrade the DEF of the Settlement and the BP of the troops.

State of Survival as the best Zombie Survival Game in 2022,featuring rich gameplay, State of Survival allows players to fight against other commanders and collect more resources. When you explore the outside world, you can select a proper location and build your base to defend your enemies and house survivors.

You can conduct Development, Battle and Economic research to enhance your troops.

1. Development

If you choose Development research, your time of troop training and healing will be shortened to guarantee logistical support.

Zombie Survival Game in 2022

2. Battle

There are three kinds of troops: the infantry, the hunters and the riders. Different troops may differ in BP. If you choose Battle research, your troops, backed by both technologies and equipment, will present amazing BP in combats.

3. Economic

If you choose Economic research, you can improve the resource capacity of the Settlement and collection efficiency. As we know, efficient resource collection always results in efficient building construction.

Zombie Survival Game in 2022

Come and play State of Survival, the popular zombie survival game in 2022. Once you play it, you will definitely love it!