Zombie Survival Game in 2022 -State of Survival Hero Arrangement Strategy

State of Survival Team 2022-11-09 09:20:38

As we know, players will act as the Commander in State of Survival, as one of the best zombie survival game in 2022. Then how should we arrange our heroes for higher BP?

1. Spend your money wisely

In case of the same levels, ranks and ability levels, the rarer the hero is, the higher the BP will become; the higher the hero level is, the greater the gap will be.

In a word, in the context of limited resources, you should focus on rarer heroes.

Zombie Survival Game in 2022

2. Focus on overall BP

When your troops can beat your enemies quite easily, your arrangement of heroes, whether properly or not, does not really matter.

3. Develop various heroes

Although some heroes may be all-rounders due to their special abilities, most of the heroes are not.

Zombie Survival Game in 2022

Riders and hunters feature more damage, but they are relatively weak in defense.

It is difficult for the infantry to deal with enemies with long attack range.

In State of Survival, the best zombie game in 2022, you will not consume more stamina when you arrange heroes of higher levels. So, try your best to focus on those who are rarer for higher BP.

State of Survival is one of the best Zombie Survival Game in 2022. Whether you are a newbie or a hardcore player, you can always enjoy the game in your way. Enjoy the game with our strategy!