Free Zombie PC Game - State of Survival Research Lab Leveling Guide

State of Survival Team 2022-11-21 09:20:38

State of Survival is a popular free zombie PC game.

In the free zombie PC game - State of Survival , Research Lab features Development, Battle and Economic trees. You can level up the Research Lab to enhance the DEF and BP of your Settlement.


Development features more defense and logistics elements, including the reduction of time for training and healing. This tree serves defense-oriented players as it reflects excellent defense performance.


There are three kinds of troops in the game. Each troop owns different attributes and abilities. When you scramble for resources, you will find that higher BP can make up the shortage of logistical support and resources.

Free Zombie PC Game

However, if your enemy’s BP is higher, your troops may undergo a longer time of healing.


Economic tree focuses on the efficiency of resource collection. You can develop the tree to make your resource collection faster.

You should always remember that the “March Capacity” in the Battle tree and the “Leadership” in the Development tree are necessary as they can improve your troop capacity and march efficiency. All in all, as a free zombie PC game, State of Survival offers rich gameplay. Just come and enjoy it!

Free Zombie PC Game