Most Popular Zombie Game on PC: State of Survival - An Amazing Game with Rich Gameplay!

State of Survival Team 2022-12-07 09:15:28

State of Survival is a free zombie game on PC.

In a world full of hidden danger, there are numerous infected people, but resources are very limited. In the game, you will play the role of a Commander to guard your Settlement, find other survivors and strive to live together.

There are still infinite opportunities in such environment. You have to survive and become stronger on your smarts.

zombie game on pc

Rebuilding your home

Build your Settlement to harbor the survivors and lay the solid foundation of your future.

Saving survivors

Accept survivors to strengthen your power.

Focus on heroes with special abilities so that they can fight bravely and achieve remarkable results in the Battle of the Plague.

Researching technologies

The zombie virus is mutating rapidly. What you can do is to conduct more researches to make yourself stronger and to survive.

zombie game on pc

Socializing with partners

More hands make light work, of course. In State of Survival, zombie game on PC, you can make allies and cooperate with them to gain a foothold in the dangerous world.

To those with malicious intentions, you should never doubt to fight.

Ruling the world

Heroes emerge in troubled times. Let's start a new era in State of Survival, zombie game on PC.

zombie game on pc