Tips for Survival in State of Survival-free zombie pc game

State of Survival Team 2022-12-29 09:25:28

In State of Survival-free zombie pc game, the spreading zombie virus causes the deaths of the innocent and makes human zombies.

The survivors in the disaster need to build invulnerable Settlement to safeguard against those infected.

Humans are in an emergency now!

free zombie pc game

In State of Survival-free zombie pc game, the Settlement is the foundation of every action. In order to defend the zombies, you have to upgrade buildings as quickly as possible, train stronger troops and heroes and develop your technologies to allocate them with better equipment.

When you focus on your defense, you should also pay attention to your resource collection ability. Only by becoming stronger can you protect those who have not been infected yet and guard your own Settlement!

free zombie pc game

Two heads are better than one!

Obviously, you can never defeat thousands of zombies on your own.

Improvement of your troops and heroes aside, you can join an alliance or form one with other survivors. In that way, you can defeat enemies and gain more resources to expand your influence and long stand in the disaster.

Are your ready to start your journey in State of Survival-free zombie pc game? Come and enjoy the game!

free zombie pc game