Zombie survival game 2023-- Fight our Way Out!

State of Survival Team 2023-01-11 09:05:28

In State of Survival -zombie survival game 2023, the zombies have threatened all mankind. We cannot allow them to break through our last line of defense! The survivors shall constantly enhance their Battle Power (BP), to embrace growth and face challenges.

With your commander rank levels up, you will gain different Talent Points to enhance your troops. Most of your commander's talents are Passive and Permanently Effective.

In State of Survival, heroes can be classified based on two buffs: Gathering and Attacking. Those gathering heroes can collect materials for the development of the Settlement.

Zombie survival game 2023

However, as all of us know, the best defense is a good offense. We have to use resources to enhance our attacking heroes so that they can protect our homeland better.

In State of Survival -zombie survival game 2023, there are three kinds of troops: the Infantry, the Hunters, and the Riders. Every attacking hero features different talents and levels. We also have our Research Lab that can develop technologies to enhance our troops.

Zombie survival game 2023

However, the buffs from heroes will not be directly reflected on BP.

They will be truly reflected in front of your enemies, namely, the enhancement of your troop's attack and defense.

In other words, BP just serves as a reference. With perfect hero arrangement, a seemingly ordinary troop may turn out to have invincible power.

Zombie survival game 2023

To protect your homeland, your commander should always be ready for every battle and level up your heroes and defense. Remember, we shall rest when we are dead!

In State of Survival -zombie survival game 2023, you are never alone. Come on and protect the last hope of the mankind!