state of survival heroes

Hero Info

  • Hunters
  • Patrol
  • Rally

Hero Story

Aoi is the tenth generation of the Yukimura family, her personality is the utter opposite of her sister Mikoto. If the sister is a dignified and sacred white lily, then she is a gorgeous and radiant red rose. Her sister's authority forced Aoi to suppress her unruly nature. Only with swords and guns can she reveal her true inner self. Dyeing her hair silver, wearing ""unconventional"" clothes, and chowing down on creamy cakes. You name it, she does it. White Dragon, that's my name."" This is her answer every time someone asks her name, well, in private. If her sister is around she'll nod, smile, and curtsy in the most formal of manners. ""My name is Yukimura Aoi. What a pleasure to meet you!

Lead Downpour

Aoi's Gatling Gun completes reloading every few turns and fires additional rounds for the following few turns, dealing damage.

Dragon's Wrath

Aoi stimulates friendly Hunters' combat instinct, increasing their damage dealt.

Frenzy of Passion

Each time the target is hit by Aoi's Gatling Gun, their damage taken is increased. Stackable.
state of survival heroes
state of survival heroes
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